Ceramic Piggy Bank Grunge Collection COOPER | Vintage Money Box Jar
Ceramic Piggy Bank Grunge Collection COOPER | Vintage Money Box Jar


Ceramic Piggy Bank Grunge Collection COOPER | Vintage Money Box Jar

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Finest quality materials are used to make this piggy bank. This handcrafted and painted vintage money box for sale is made available in different styles, colors, and shapes. You can use it as an excellent gift and it also makes an ideal home design accessory. It also works as a teaching tool for kids on saving money and pursuing small goals in life. This vintage money box for sale is a good option for people of all ages. It grabs the attention of visitors when you keep as a decorative accessory in your bedroom, living room or office. The chubby pig design is extremely attractive. Your search for a classic and timeless gift ends with this piggy bank.

  • 🐷 A CUTE WAY TO SAVE MONEY - Whether you're saving for a vacation or new gadgets, this piggy conveniently shows when you're close to reaching your financial goals. It's also a fun way to teach kids the saving habit.
  • 🐷 ORGANISE LOOSE CHANGE - Instead of scattering loose coins on your drawer, cabinet, or under the bed, why not deposit them in a piggy bank. One day, you'll be surprised that you accumulated an emergency fund. Not only will this help you keep things neat, it also reinforces the way you handle money.
  • 🐷 ORIGINAL & HANDMADE - This is not just a mini money bank. With the grunge look, it provides a different appeal when used as a home or room decoration. Each ceramic piggy bank is unique-100% hand-decorated, 100% customizable, 100% original.
  • 🐷 WE DELIVER ANYWHERE IN EUROPE - Our products are proudly made in Romania. Wherever you are staying in Europe, it's so easy to purchase single or multiple pieces of GOLDEN PIGS money tin. Expect to receive the items of your choice in just a few days.
  • 🐷 WONDERFUL GIFT - If you're searching for an idea of a versatile gift, our unique piggy banks fit the bill. Men, women, boys, girls, kids, adults... it's something that can be given as a present to anyone. For Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, holidays, weddings or special occasions.